• Newly Signed Up accounts must be verified by the Account Management team before Pick Up request is granted.
    • Pick up requests will only be possible after the account is verified. Processing of supplies and backend preparation will take 1-2 business days.
    • Packages are expected to be packed with waybills and sealed with Courier Express Pouch before the courier arrives. Packages that are not ready for pick up will be rescheduled for PICK UP the following day
    • Waiting period during pick up is 15 minutes only. Courier will automatically reschedule the pick up after 15 minutes if parcels are not released during the pick-up window.
    • 3 consecutive cancellations and rescheduling of Pick up requests without advance notice will be subject for Account closure. A penalty will be imposed before another Pick Up request is granted.


    • All rates are in Philippine Pesos (Php).
    • All rates are exclusive of VAT.
    • Rates are subject to change with prior notice.
    • Unlimited Weight using Courier Express Pouch is only available in Metro Manila. Provincial transactions are weight based. Please refer to the rates in the Homepage.
    • Minimum Parcels required for Pick up is 5 parcels.
    • FREE PICK UP for all INTERNATIONAL packages (minimum of 1 package)


    • COD Fee of Php 35 or 3.5% will be charged based on the declared to be collected cash
    • Collected amount less the Service Fee will be deposited into nominated bank account weekly along with a consolidated COD report (Metro Manila only). Provincial areas will be remitted on a bi-monthly basis via 2GO. Check releasing is every Friday.
    • COD fee will be automatically deducted from the collected cash before remittance.
    • Collected amount is insured for the full amount.
    • Client is responsible for bank fees incurred for COD deposits, if there is any. Courier Express’s preferred bank: BDO and/or BPI.
    • Client is responsible to ensure that COD amount is written on the Special Instructions field in the waybill i.e. COD – Php amount. Courier Express is not liable for uncollected amount for failed COD declaration.
    • Courier Express shall perform 3 Free Delivery Attempts.
    • The 3 Free Delivery attempts will not be applicable to the following reasons; thus, additional Shipping fee will apply: 
  1. Consignee refuses to pay
  2. Consignee refuses to accept delivery.
  3. Consignee does not have the Full Collect Amount.
  4. Consignee does not have the Full Collect Amount.
  5. Consignee requests redelivery at a later date.
  6. Redelivery to a new address.


    Chargeable weight for Own Packaging shipments is the actual weight (weighed in a scale) vs. volume weight (dimensions of package), whichever is higher rounded up to the next whole number. To compute for the volume weight, use the following formula: Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm)/3500.

            Example:  12cm x 12cm x 10 cm/3500 = 0.42 kg (1kg Volume Weight – rounded up to next whole number)


             4.1 Courier Express only provides pouches. Boxes will be coming from the client


    The CLIENT is responsible for properly packaging and securing parcels for shipment to ensure safe transportation with ordinary care in handling.
    • COURIER EXPRESS reserves the right to refuse acceptance of parcels which are not properly packed for shipping. Items found as NOT properly packed parcels may be returned to the shipper for proper packing.
    • A penalty will apply equivalent to shipping fee based on the size of the package/s and Shipper’s location if carriage is refused by the carrier due to leakage as a result of improper packaging.
    • UNLIWEIGHT pouches are subject to fair use. For the security and safety of clients’ shipments, COURIER EXPRESS reserves the right to refuse acceptance of parcels that show visible abuse and misuse due to overstuffing causing undue stress on the pouches which may result in but not limited to tears, leaks, damage and loss of the contents.
    • COURIER EXPRESS reserves the right to refuse acceptance of parcels if deemed that misuse and abuse of UNLIWEIGHT pouches may result in putting other clients’ parcels at risk.
    • IMPROPER USAGE OF PACKAGING SUPPLIES provided by the Courier Express will be subject for a charge at Php 5 per pouch. The total amount will be billed on top of the shipping fees or deducted to the total COD collected.


    The CLIENT is responsible for declaring the proper description of the contents of each parcel



Insurance fee is 1% of the Declared Value. The commodity value must be declared on the Declared Value section of the waybill to be eligible for the full insurance.

7.1 Maximum liability for losses shall not exceed the actual declared value at a 1% Insurance fee

7.2 Claims for loss must be filed in writing within fifteen (15) days from the date of shipment’s delivery.

7.3 Client must inform COURIER EXPRESS for items beyond 10,000 for monitoring purposes.



Damage is not covered by Loss Insurance. COURIER EXPRESS shall not be held liable for any damage during transit for reasons other than gross negligence in the handling of the parcel.  It shall be conclusively presumed that the item is in good order when it is delivered should the package not be opened in the presence of the courier and the damage reported immediately to the courier.



    • The COURIER EXPRESS shall not be held liable for any loss, delay, non-delivery or mis-delivery of the shipment due to the act of God or force majeure including but not limited to natural disaster or calamity, bad weather conditions, strike, wars, rebellion, civil commotion, act of public enemies, act of omission, fault of shipper or shipper’s consignee and its agents, third party claiming interest in the shipment and government agencies with actual or apparent authorities; nature of the shipment or other characteristics, defect or inherent vice thereof or those not patently due to the fault or negligence of COURIER EXPRESS company, its employees or agents.


  • Provincial Serviceable Area Manual will be shared once on boarded with us. CLIENT is responsible to filter the packages’ addresses to check if the Area is SERVICEABLE based on the Provincial Serviceable Area Manual. Billing invoice is based on the actual packages Picked Up regardless if these are Out of Serviceable areas or not.


  • The COURIER EXPRESS shall make three (3) delivery attempts.
    • In the event that the intended consignee is not available, COURIER EXPRESS shall deliver to the consignee’s representative at the consignee’s address.
    • In the event that the person is not available after three (3) delivery attempts, the parcel will be held at the warehouse of COURIER EXPRESS. Packages without disposition within 5 business days will be automatically tagged as RTS. Metro Manila RTS schedule is twice a month. Return of packages include an Acknowledgement form where tracking numbers are listed.
    • A new shipping fee will apply after the original three (3) attempts and will be considered a new shipment.
    • Failed/delayed deliveries after attempts and efforts were made shall be included in the billing statement with valid reasons such as but not limited to the following are considered valid:
      • Incomplete/incorrect address of the consignee.
      • Consignee moved to unknown address.
      • Consignee not available to accept delivery and there is no authorized representative to accept delivery.
      • Consignee refused to accept delivery.
      • Consignee unknown in the area.
      • In cases of natural calamity.
      • There may be areas where consignee/customer may be asked to meet the courier within the building premises due to parking and office reception restrictions.
    • Parking fees and subdivision pass fee will be billed on top of the shipping fee
    • The same shipping fee will apply as a Retrieval fee upon request of the client



In the event that the package is tagged RTS (Return to Sender), a RTS fee will apply equivalent to the shipping    fee based on the size of the package/s and Shipper’s location. To prevent RTS fee, client is expected to provide disposition within 24 hours after the reporting.

  • In the event that the shipment is cancelled after pick up of package, a Cancellation Fee will apply equivalent to the shipping fee based on the size of the package/s and Shipper’s location.
  • In the event that the Shipper requests for RTS (Return to Sender) an additional shipping fee will apply equivalent to the shipping fee based on the size of the package/s and Shipper’s location.
    • Payment may be in a form of Cash, BDO Bank transfer, Check Pick up or Bank deposit.
    • Packages will not be dispatched for delivery if payment hasn’t been made.
    • The Company reserves the right to hold or deduct the Shipping fee balance from the COD collections for failure to settle the invoices on the agreed due date.
    • A penalty of 2% per day will apply for overdue invoices.


    • This Terms & Conditions Policy is legal and binding, and will be in effect from date of sign up.
    • This Terms & Conditions Policy shall be in effect and in full force upon the execution hereof, unless terminated by either party, provided that a written notice given thirty (30) days prior to the date of termination.


Above details are immediately in placed upon signing up. Should you have any questions, concerns, or special requests, please contact the assigned Account Officer for approval. We look forward to the start of a successful and productive long-term partnership with your company.  Thank you for choosing Courier Express!