-Who is Courier Express?
Courier Express is a logistics company designed for Online Business.

We aim to provide reliable and secured delivery service nationwide and worldwide. Our service offerings include Cash On Deliver with Next Day Remittance for Metro Manila, Nationwide and International Delivery, Warehousing, Pick & Pack, Trucking, and Packaging assistance.


-What is your Shipping Rates?
For our published rates, Please Click Here.
For corporate rates, please contact us at:

-Do you have International Shipment Services?
Yes, we do! Our rates for international shipments is one of the most competitive pricing in the Market. For Pricing, Please Click Here.

-Do you have a minimum number of pick up?
Yes, we require 5 parcels for Pick up.

- What is Cash On Delivery Service “COD”?
Cash on Delivery is a service that we provide for business owners as an additional payment method. It is a convenient way of collecting your costumer’s payment upon delivery. Cash on Delivery also is one of the most effective payment method in the market today.

- Do you offer Cash on Delivery (COD) Services?
Yes. We provide Cash on Delivery (COD) Nationwide.

- How many business days will I expect my Cash on Delivery (COD) remittance?
From the date of the delivery and collection of the payment, we will deposit directly the cash collected in the next business day for Metro Manila and 15 - 20 business days for Provincial.

Note: We will immediately deduct the COD fee to the amount to be remitted to your bank account (BDO or BPI Metro Manila bank accounts only).

- How much is your Cash on Delivery (COD) Fee?
We offer our Cash On Delivery Fee for only Php 35 or 3.5% (whichever is higher) per collection of payment.

Note: Cash on Delivery Fee is different from Shipping Fee.

Sample Computation:

  1. Amount to be collected: Php 1,200
    1,000 x 3.5% = Php 42

    Amount to be deposited:
    Cash Collected: Php 1,200
    Less COD Fee: Php 42
    Amount to be deposited to client’s account: Php 1,158

  2. Amount to be collected: Php 800
    800 x 3.5% = Php 28

COD Fee = Php 35 (Php 35 is higher than the 3.5%)

Amount to be deposited to client’s account: 765 php

-Do you have an Insurance for packages?

Yes. Our Insurance Policy only covers LOST parcels.

Claims for Lost Items must be filed no longer than 7 business days from date of delivery. Claims after 7 business days from date of delivery will not be entertained.

- What is your Insurance fee?

Our Insurance fee is 1% of the Declared Value. No Declared Value, No Refund.

-What happens if my item is damage?

By default, our Insurance policy only covers Lost items. However, we do consider certain incidents but will have to go through a proper process. To begin the investigation of your damaged item, consignee/buyer should contact the seller/sender. Refund will be sent directly to the Shipper if proven mishandled.

Take note that proper packaging plays a big role in the assessment of damages; thus, please ensure to properly pack the item to avoid potential damages.

Claims for Damages must be filed no longer than 7 business days from date of delivery. Claims after 7 business days from date of delivery will not be entertained.

Do you have a Warehousing and Pick & Pack services?

Yes, we do! To request for quotation, please email Rafael@courierexpress.ph


What is your Delivery Timeframe?

-Delivery Service Lead Times: Next day for Metro Manila and 2 - 3 Days for Provincial areas within the city limits.

- How to track package?
Track My Package is located in the home page of our website.
Click this link to track your package: TRACK A PACKAGE

-What happens if my customer is not at home during delivery?

Package may be released to the nominated representative, Security guards, Reception, relatives or anyone who is able to receive the item in the exact address given. Item will not be released to a neighboring address unless otherwise requested by the Shipper.

Please note that Courier Express allows a maximum of 3 attempts before returning the item back to the sender.

-What happens if there is no parking in my delivery address?

Due to parking and building restrictions, we may be asking the consignee to meet our courier in the entrance of the building address. This scenario mostly happens in Central Business District areas.

-What happens after 3 Delivery attempts?

Packages after third attempt will be subject for Return To Shipper (RTS). Packages may be redelivered after the third attempt with additional charge similar to the original shipping fee per delivery attempt.

For Provincial areas, we highly suggest that we receive a disposition from Shipper within 24hours after notifying you to avoid being tagged as RTS and its RTS fee.

-What is your delivery timeframe?

Our delivery timeframe is as follows:

Metro Manila – Next Day from date of pick up

Provincial – 2 to 3 business days (within city limits) from date of pick up

*Provincial Delivery timeframe may reach up to 7 business days in areas tagged as Out of Town Delivery Zone

-Can we pick up the item in a branch for Provincial addresses?

Yes. You may nominate a 2GO branch near you. Please note that items will be subject for automatic RTS after 48 hours without claiming.

-What is your delivery process for Cash On Delivery transactions?

Our SOP includes calling the consignee/buyer before dispatching the item to ensure that the consignee/buyer is available to receive the item. This also helps to avoid potential extra charges (after 3 delivery attempts) and to be tagged as Return To Shipper (RTS). 


- How to create an account.
Please click this link : CREATE AN ACCOUNT

- Do you have Costumer Log in ?
Yes we do, customers can create their own account.
Click this link: LOG IN

- How to book Pick up?
Please create an account to be able to book a pick up. A calendar dashboard is available for easy booking.

Reminder: Please take note that all booking have cut off time.
For same day pick up : Cut off is 1pm of the same day

- How to create Waybills?
We have two options for waybill. Manual and Electronic.
For manual waybills, you may request our manual waybills to your designated Account Management team.

For electronic Waybills, you can access it thru signing in to your Courier Express Account. Instruction on how to generate the waybills is viewable upon signing in.


-Who can we contact regarding our parcels and delivery concerns?
We have a dedicated team that is available to contact from 8am to 7pm.

-For corporate accounts, please contact the assigned Account Officer who directly handles, updates and assists you with all your concerns.

-What are the ways to communicate with the Account Management team?

Each of the Corporate Account has their own Viber Group Chat for day to day inquiries and assistance. You may also communicate with us via Email or Mobile.

-For non-corporate accounts and Consignees/Buyers, please contact our Customer Service Hotline, Facebook page, and email.


Facebook : www.facebook.com/CourierExpressPH/
Instagram : @courier.expressph
Customer Service Email : info@courierexpress.ph